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Your roof is one of the most overlooked areas of your home when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. As roofs age and get more porous they are gradually invaded by biofilm colonies. When these biofilms colonise on your roof it will cause a dark, almost black discolouration to the appearance. 

A biofilm consists of a group of micro-organisms which often stick to exterior surfaces. They can form on living or non-living surfaces. Examples of Biofilm are; Algae, Lichen, Moss and various other types of Mould.

Keeping your roof clean and free of this biofilm, debris and dirt is usually very difficult for the majority of homeowners and can become a source of problems.

The organic growth of these organisms can cause serious problems with the lifespan of your roof. The tiles will over time deteriorate and become compromised.

Eventually moss will come loose and roll down your roof into the gutters. This can lead to an overflowing of rainwater which then flows onto your facia boards, before flowing down walls causing damage over time such as damp and mould in your home, especially if not cleaned up promptly.

I offer professional roof cleaning services to help you maintain a clean and well-preserved roof. I understand that a clean roof not only enhances the overall appearance of your property but also plays a crucial role in its longevity and functionality.

I am equipped with the knowledge and expertise to effectively remove dirt, debris, moss, algae and other contaminants that can accumulate on your roof over time. Using industry-leading techniques and equipment, I ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process that restores the beauty and integrity of your roof.

At DBXterior Cleaning I prioritise customer satisfaction and strive to deliver exceptional results. I tailor my roof cleaning services to meet your specific needs, taking into account the type of roof material, its condition and any specific concerns you may have. My goal is to provide you with a clean and well-maintained roof that withstands the test of time.

With my commitment to continuous improvement, I stay updated with the latest advancements in roof cleaning technology and techniques. This allows me to deliver efficient and effective solutions while minimising any potential damage to your roof.

I invite you to explore my website and learn more about my roof cleaning services. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment. I am here to assist you and provide the utmost assistance in keeping your roof in optimal condition. 


Available Cleaning Methods:

Low-Pressure Roof Clean + Softwash  Unlike high-pressure washing methods, which can potentially cause damage to your roof, low-pressure washing is a more gentle approach that effectively cleans without compromising the integrity of your roof.

By utilising low-pressure washing techniques, I ensure that your roof receives a thorough cleaning while minimising the risk of any structural damage. This method is particularly effective for delicate roof materials, such as shingles or tiles, as it avoids excessive force that could lead to cracks or breakage.

By choosing my low-pressure washing services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof will be cleaned efficiently, safely and in a manner that promotes its longevity. 

I use a Petrol Pressure Washer and a telescopic Water Fed Pole (Long-Reach System), fitted with a pressure washing attachment to clean your roof.

The final process of the clean is to carry-out a Softwash. To treat your roof with a Biocide chemical and water mixture.

*Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning would not be recommended on fragile roofs, which may have a number of broken, cracked, loose or missing tiles*


Roof Scrape (Moss/ Debris Removal) + Softwash – Manual roof scraping is a gentle and meticulous method for cleaning your roof. It allows for a more delicate approach, especially in areas where damage maybe present, preventing any unnecessary further damage. By manually scraping off dirt, debris, moss, or algae, you have better control over the pressure applied and can avoid causing harm to the roof surface.

This method is particularly effective for roofs with delicate materials or those that require extra care due to existing damage or vulnerabilities. By manually scraping, you can target specific areas that need attention while avoiding excessive force that could potentially worsen the condition of your roof.

It is important to note that manual roof scraping requires proper technique and caution to ensure safety and effectiveness. I will always recommend seeking professional assistance or guidance to ensure that the scraping is done correctly and without causing any harm to yourself or the roof.  

I use a telescopic pole (Long-Reach System), which has a number of specially designed attachments. These remove the moss/ debris from your roof by primarily either scraping, with a blade that fits the profile of the tiles on your roof, or scrubbing with a brush style attachment.

The final process of the clean is to carry-out a Softwash. To treat your roof with a Biocide chemical and water mixture.


SoftwashA highly effective method that combines a carefully formulated mixture of chemicals and water. This powerful solution is designed to break down and remove stubborn adhesive coverings, including biofilms, from various exterior surfaces, including your roof.

The softwashing system is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges posed by biofilms and other tough contaminants. By utilising a specialised blend of chemicals, I can effectively penetrate and dissolve these substances, allowing for a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

I am trained in the proper application of the Softwashing system, ensuring that it is used safely and effectively on your roof. I take great care to protect your property and the surrounding environment while delivering exceptional results.    

*We can only go straight to a Softwash option if there is no moss on your roof*


Softwash (Chemical Treatment Work): This work will be carried-out using a telescopic Water Fed Pole (Long-Reach System), with either a spray nozzle or brush style attachment. I also use a Dosatron dosing pump, which is the most reliable way to accurately inject chemicals into water lines. This ensures that I get the exact ratio of, chemical to water mixture needed, to achieve the best results possible from this treatment work.

What is a Biocide?: A Biocide is a substance or micro-organism that kills or controls growth of living organisms. Used for the control of Algae, Fungi, Lichen, Mildew and Bacteria. They are an Acid and Bleach free solution that clean and disinfect helping to stop re-growth, for up to 3 to 5 years (Approximately).

*Most of the work for any of these cleaning methods, certainly those above 1 Storey in height, will be carried-out from an aluminum mobile scaffold tower (If needed), for the safety of the Cleaning Technician and reducing the chance of any damage being done to the roof tiles*


**I only use Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Label Compliant products. Since the reclassification of Moss as a plant, products for the treatment of Moss now come under The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012. This means that only products that have HSE accreditation can legally be used for the control of Moss**